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सुपूज्य सन्त प्रवर श्री विज्ञानदेव जी महाराज के पावन सानिध्य में वैदिक हवन यज्ञ

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About Vihangam Yoga

Vihangam Yoga Organization is an NGO and a pioneer in yoga and advance meditation training, aiming at uplifting the human life in all aspects. The organization was established in the year 1924 by His Holiness Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj who discovered this wonderful meditation technique after 17 year of strenuous meditation practice. Today, under the holy guidance of present Sadguru His Holiness Shri Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj, Vihangam Yoga has reached around 35 nations with hundreds of Ashrams and has transformed the lives of more than 5 million disciples belonging to different races,…

Hand that rocks the cradle


Good health is key to life. Our expertise in Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yogasana, Pranayam, Acupressure and other sciences helps you stay in perfect health in a natural way.


One of the fundamental rights of mankind is quality education. Vihangam Yoga offer free education and living to needy students, imparting excellent learning


Vihangam Yoga Ashrams are located in picturesque locales on the banks of the Ganga near the Sangam at Allahabad, have grown ecologically harmonious assortments of trees and plants


Demystify the vicious cycles of life and death, the universe and beyond, "Who am I", with unparalleled workshop on spirituality based on ancient most Brahma Vidya Vihangam Yoga Technique.



The World's Largest Yajna

Amrit Vani
Spiritual discourses

– by Sadguru Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj

Bliss, peace, wisdom, Samadhi, salvation, love and devotion – one saint that embodies them all is Sadguru Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj. His nectrous discourses have power to transform a wicked to a saint, an ignorant to an enlightened and a bhogi to a yogi.

Swarved Kathamrit​

-by Sant Pravar Shri Vigyandeo Ji Maharaj

When you are puzzled with life, unclear in mind, struggling to find the destiny of life; do not worry. You are not alone. Similar questions have always bothered the human kind for time immemorial. The answer is in Swarved Kathamrit the musical gift of Sant Pravar Shri Vigyandeo Ji Maharaj that have transformed millions of lives across the world.