Social Services

Educational Services

Vihangam Yoga schools impart in-depth learning to the students in rural villages. Modelled on the famous Ashram style of Vedic Learning, the Vihangam Yoga Ashram runs 2 schools - in Ballia and Allahabad.

Relief Work

Help in the form of Relief Camps, Clothes, Blankets and Medical Care for the Surat Flood Relief effort in 2006. Trucks full of grain were also dispatched for Tsunami affected.

Awareness Program

For better life style and growth Ashram conducts regular awareness programs in different parts of India

Cloth distribution & Old age employment

  • Distribution of clothes to the poor and needy.
  • Old age employment and vocational support programs are used to provide appropriate means of dignified employment.


Ancient Vedic culture gives special importance to the cow. Cow is not only just a domestic animal but it is treated as Mother.

Meditation Camps

Free meditation and Yoga camps are conducted all across the world that helps in controlling Stress, Anger, Addictions, depression, etc.. These camps help in Global Harmony and World Peace.

Cultural Services

Glimpses of Vedic hawan program - An ancient and scientific way of atmospheric detoxifiation. Vihangam Yoga Organization conducts Vedic Yajna programs at various parts of Country that helps in :

  • Bringing rain.
  • Removing foul odors, insects and bacteria.
  • Curing chronic diseases.