Our body is the medium or agent for achieving anything is an ancient Indian saying. To help people follow it, and with a determination for serving humanity, a modern hospital is proposed. In the initial stage, it’ll host 100 beds. It will be specialized for common, yet very serious health disorders like cardiac troubles, cancer, diabetes and eye problems. This hospital will have special provisions for serving underprivileged people. This medication centre will work as a unique service centre towards humanity, where divine blessings add to the effect of medicines, resulting in a speedy recovery of a patient. Apart from the treatment through latest medical science, the patients will be taught the all-time-trusted Indian skill, Yogásana, by the very best trainers.

Medication Units : Cardiology, Oncology, Diabetes and Ophthalmology
Total land area : 50,500 sq. m

Naturo-therapy Center

Today natural therapy is known as the best way of treatment. This method uses no medicines. There are special ways to detect the root cause of the disease and the patient is treated on physical, mental, moral, psychological as well as spiritual level; resulting in permanent recovery. The body is healed by curing the mental and psychological faults of a patient through organised living and by using natural methods. To avail the benefits of this unique and effective therapy, the organisation has a proposal of establishing a super speciality naturotherapy centre having all facilities.

Total land area : 2,000 sq. m

Education Center

Sensing a need of establishing a premium educational institute, with a proper synchronisation between the ancient Vedik values and the needs of modern age, a school, a temple of education has been planned. In this institute, the students will get the essence of rich Indian culture along with the modern science and technology. The aim of this institution is to create a well cultured, independent personality, having a true Indian character with patriotism and the enlightenment of true spirituality. The students passing out from this school will have the zeal and of course, capability of making the whole country proud of them.

Total land area : 50,000 sq. m

Old Age Home

Mother and father are considered as great as god in Indian culture. Understanding the importance of this principle, this Vriddhasrama is planned to give an esteemed life to the old aged people. In the first phase, a total 50 people will benefit from this unit. Taking care of all the needs of an elderly person, there will be suitable arrangements for their entertainment and healthcare. Having separate sections for men and women, this centre will guide them for their spiritual growth as well. This Vriddhashrama will work as an ideal centre towards social service and it’ll teach the skill of leading a respectable, independent and cheerful life to the elders

Total land area : 2,500 sq. m

Yoga Training and Research Center

Today the importance and power of the science of yoga is well known everywhere. Yoga is a science of inner consciousness. Researches have stared in many countries to analyze the effects of practicing yoga on the body, mind, life powers and thinking. To give a shape to all Yoga related research and studies, a training and research centre has been proposed. Possessing ultra modern techniques, this centre will prove the capabilities of yoga scientifically. All types of yoga training will also be provided here, by yoga experts. This project is planned to be a state of art and unique yoga centre. The research centre will find out all capabilities of yoga through the modern medical science.

Total land area : 3,000 sq. m