Maharshi Sadafaldeo Ashram

Situated on the banks of Holy Ganges, and very close to the Triveni Sangam (Tri-junction) of rivers Ganga and Yamuna, Jhunsi Ashram is the centre of excellence, and the operational international headquarters of Sadguru Sadafaldeo Vihangam Yoga Sansthan. Rich in spiritual energies, surrounded by lush greenery and echoed by the sound of chirping birds and river waves, this 10-acre campus is a paradise for spiritual seekers. His Holiness Shri Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj meditated in this holy place from year 1921 onwards. He used to call it His University in spiritual sense. This is where he was honored with the supreme authority of the Sadguru by the Eternal Sadguru. He renounced His body in this very campus while sitting in Yogic posture and then spoke from the void (Akash Vani) for 15 min in the presence of many Disciples. Close to this campus is His Samadhi.

The campus is equipped with all modern amenities, including 24 hours power supply and wifi spots.

Full Address: Maharshi Sadafaldeo Ashram Chhatnag Road, Jhunsi Allahabad, UP – 211019 Landmark – Harish Chandra Research Institute (HRI) Phone: 0532 2090 456/7/8/9, 9454066666


The temple and the meditation cave A 4-floored beautiful temple, overlooking the Sangam of Ganga and Yamuna. It is built over the meditation cave of Sadguru Shri Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj. The cave is still available for the seekers of advanced meditation. A centre of very high spiritual energies, the practitioners very easily experience high spiritual events. Above the cave are 3 floors, also suitable for meditation, having beautiful sculptures of Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj.


The Samadhi of Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj is just outside the campus. The Holy body of Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj was placed here after he discarded it at his will in year 1954.

Tapahsthali Cave

Another cave where Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj gained the Paramanu-Vigyan, the science of controlling the very root of the universe.

Aakashvani place

The place where Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj took Samadhi – the process of voluntarily discarding the body through Yogic method in meditation – and did Aakashvani (spoke from the void) in front of several amazed disciples.

Brahma Vidya Vedi

This is the platform from where Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj used initiate the Spiritual Seekers and lead them to spiritual heights.


Jhunsi ashram is well equiped with library, where enlightening and informative books are available. It houses scriptures of Vedas, Indian literature, books from philosophers etc.

Guest House

There are 2 main guest houses, capable of housing over 200 people comfortably in AC rooms, AC dormitory or air cooled rooms. The state of art canteen serves pure and vegetarian food, apt for a spiritual practitioner.

Sadafal Ghat

A bathing Ghat on the river Ganga. Around 100 stairs from the Ashram, leading to the river.


Yajna or Hawan is an ancient method of detoxification and for fulfilling one's righteous desires. Yajna Therapy is very effective in many diseases as well. Yajnashala, designed in an octagonal shape as per Vedic architecture, hosts regular Hawans with special herbs.


There are two walking tracks with garden and fountain. The Sukrit Garden is a beautiful one, full of colorful flowers and herbal tress like Amla.


Sukrit Pharmacy makes more than 100 Ayurvedic medicines from rare herbs procured from various centers of Vihangam Yoga, located in Himalayas and other places. One may also find skilled Ayurvedic doctors and therapists here.


The cow's milk is considered as the healthiest food source. The Goshala (cow shed), housing more than 50 cows ensures high quality milk.