Health and Environment

Health is Wealth. Healthy life cannot be made on bad environment and bad life style. Vihangam Yoga has been catering to both physical health and mental health.

Vihangam Yoga organizes Asana, Pranayama and Meditation sessions in different parts of world to make each human being capable of living a healthy life. To Have a healthy environment, various plantations pojects has been successfully conducted across India. All Vihangam Yoga ashrams maintains a clean and green environment around its periphery. To support this, Ashram also follows ancient technique of atmospheric de-toxification by Vedic Hawan.

Medical Camp

Vihangam Yoga organizes regular free medical camps including cataract and eye care camps for the elderly. In 2006 , the annual expenditure for such activities is to the tune of Rs 5,00,000 in the Surat District of Gujarat.

Free Homeopathy Camp

Free Homeopathy treatment provided to poor and needy

Accu Pressure Camp

Accu-Pressure is a natural way of treatment without any side effects.

Aurvedic collection

Aurvedic collection of medicines at Ashram that cure various common diseases.

Yoga Sessions for Healthier life

Asanas plays a vital role to keep positive physical and mental health. Vihangam Yoga organization conducts various workshops in this regard.

Environmental Care

Vihangam Yoga Ashrams are located in picturesque locales-on the banks of the Ganga near the Sangam at Allahabad, have grown ecologically harmonious assortments of trees, plants as well as imparted knowledge of environment friendly agrarian practices to its members and the surrounding populations.

Green Environment

Ashram maintains a clean and green environment within its premise.


India is an agricultural Country and ashram supports it by farming within its premises. This also helps in maintaining good environment.