About us

Vihangam Yoga Organization is an NGO and a pioneer in yoga and advance meditation training, aiming at uplifting the human life in all aspects.

The organization was established in the year 1924 by His Holiness Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj who discovered this wonderful meditation technique after 17 year of strenuous meditation practice. Just before discarding His mortal frame in the year 1954 through a yogic technique, He authorized Sadguru Shri Dharmachandra Deo Ji Maharaj as the next Sadguru who continued for 15 years till His Samadhi, in year 1969. Today, under the holy guidance of present Sadguru His Holiness Shri Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj, Vihangam Yoga has reached around 35 nations with hundreds of Ashrams and has transformed the lives of more than 5 million disciples belonging to different races, religions, castes and classes.

Unwind yourself. Explore the most important, yet most unexplored quotient of life through the extreme power of spirituality

Vihangam Yoga is well known for its incredibly powerful meditation technique. It unleashes the hidden potential of the practitioner in a very short span of time. The discoveries on this technique by the neuroscientists at CIP Ranchi and Bergamo University (Italy) show astounding results. It is so powerful that it requires only 15 minutes of regular practice to give all the benefits. Few more researches are being conducted at other institutions in India, Russia and USA.

The very initial stages of this practice are seen to provide a noticeable improvement in several important aspects of life, e.g. concentration, very fast release from tension, anxiety, anger, addictions etc. The moral values improve. A regular practitioner experiences many spiritual events as well. Preached without any fees, this knowledge has been uplifting the society in all possible dimensions.

Being a socially responsible organization, we have also has been actively involved in several service initiatives, including de-addiction, old age homes, support for the people below poverty line, free education, women empowerment, support during various calamities etc. to name a few.

To know us more, you may like to go through our introduction video or the brochure. For more details, get in touch with us at:

Maharishi Sadafaldeo Ashram
Chatnag Road, Jhunsi, Allahabad, U.P., India – 211019
Phone: +91 532 2567 204
Email: info@vihangamyoga.org